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Refer to the time-stamped show notes below when you want to revisit any particular portions of the episode.

Show Notes

1:48 One of the tools that has been wildly effective at Here Comes The Guide
2:33 Why did this tool appeal to us so much?
3:20 Quick description of Loom
3:53 Why would we say Loom is better than email?
5:15 Loom not only captures information, but personality as well
6:01 Emails don’t always translate tone
6:15 We know we have a higher response rate with our clients through Loom
6:51 The kind of data you get can inform your next steps
7:35 A case for why Loom has been successful with our clients
8:50 It’s game changing to show your information
9:30 This tool is more time efficient for everyone
9:55 How difficult is Loom to use? Is it scary? 
10:14 Jess lets you know the answer and admits she is not the most tech savvy
11:16 Why do we see this being a game changing tool for YOU?
11:33 P.S. Loom has no idea who we are and that we are obsessed with them
11:59 How venue managers can use Loom day-to-day
12:30 Example #1 – working with Sally
12:30 Example #1 – working with Sally
13:39 How powerful showing and not saying can be
14:17 The steps you take to make this powerful package
14:38 You might be feeling this hesitation, so let Jess ease your mind
15:14 Your best quality leads need this kind of response!
15:55 Don’t be afraid to test and readjust your response strategy
16:14 Example #2 – following up on leads that have gone “crickets”
16:39 Here are some of things you can say to these “cricket” couples
17:19 Example #3 – an “evergreen” use
18:17 What your Loom auto-responder could sound like
18:43 Example #4 – helping with the hardest part
19:19 Loom gives you the ability to walk through your contract with couples virtually
19:57 If you do this you’ll save time and confusion
20:34 What this couple did when they didn’t understand the quote, and what you can do to help
21:57 Loom cuts through the noise and establishes a connection with your clients
22:22 A very important tip when using Loom
23:08 Jess keeps it real in her videos, and why it took a relationship to the next level
24:04 Loom shows you're human, which fosters connection

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