The Bridal Party Breakdown

Episode 20
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Show Notes

0:37 Welcome back to the episode…it’s our 20th episode!
1:01 Today's topic: the bridal party breakdown
3:00 A heads up about terminology used in this episode
4:00 Our beverages of the day
6:57 The format of this episode
7:20 How you can let us know if you’d like to hear more on this topic
8:37 Some questions concerning who should be involved
9:35 How to know when it’s ok to not include someone
10:20 Do you need to have an equal number?
12:25 Considering who can make the commitment 
13:54 Choosing your maid of honor, best man, etc.
17:15 How this can go far beyond your wedding day
18:53 How to decide on a number that’s best for you
19:55 Diving into all things “expectations”
20:45 Making sure you understand what you want right away is key
21:36 All about money expectations
22:22 What are you going to do if they say “no”?
25:57 Details on timing
26:10 Ho9w to know when to ask your wedding party
27:20 Details you should have figured out beforehand
28:00 When you should have your bridal shower
28:29 When you should have your bachelorette party
29:28 Fun bachelorette / bridal shower idea
31:40 Where to have your bachelor/bachelorette party
32:13 How to know where to have your bridal shower
32:55 Where your wedding party should stay
34:31 How bachelorette parties have gotten so big & how much you should do
35:26 What should your celebration agenda be?
36:20 The pressure you might feel while planning
37:25 Why is it that we have wedding parties?: Some history from Caroline
38:05 The real “why” behind wedding parties
41:40 How to let us know what else you’d like to hear and free resources
42:47 Until next time…cheers!

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