Ultimate Elopement Wedding Checklist

Episode 17
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Show Notes

0:38 Welcome back! Today we’re diving into elopement planning.
1:49 What we’re drinking today!
3:43 Structure of this episode
3:46 Category #1: Logistics
4:59 How the definition of ‘elopement’ has shifted
6:57 Category #2: All Things Location
8:35 All the details on courthouses and city halls
10:49 Did you know: There are planners who specialize in elopements
12:08 Category #3: Marriage Licenses 
13:13 Double check everything!!
15:07 Category #4: Travel & Accommodations
15:35 Don't forget about extras needed for your guests to pack!
16:49 Category #5: Rings!
17:20 There are lots of options (& they don't have to be expensive!)
19:35 Category #6: Photography & Other Vendors
19:40 Why we think photography is NOT an investment to skimp on
23:01 Other vendors to consider
23:44 Category #7: Hair, Makeup & Attire
25:53 We strongly advise to avoid beauty DIY right before your wedding day
27:23 Post elopement considerations
29:47 Check out our free resources!
30:36 Where to find us & reach out!
31:21 Until next time…cheers!
33:17 Thanks for hanging out with us today…cheers!

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