Ultimate Destination Wedding Checklist

Episode 16
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Show Notes

0:42 Today we’re talking about destination weddings
1:58 Beverage talk! What are we drinking today?
3:35 We’ve broken down our checklist into a timeline
3:43 Starting point: 12-16 months before your wedding day
8:59 The sooner the better…especially if you’re going out of the country
9:23 Make sure to take advantage of all-inclusive packages!
10:07 Up next: 9-12 months before your wedding day
11:31 Make sure to create a wedding website to house ALL the details
17:10 6-8 months before your wedding day
20:48 Fun drinking game recommendation! (or not)
21:20 3-5 months before your wedding day
21:25 6-8 weeks before your wedding day
23:50 Welcome bags for your guests can be a super fun and personal touch
24:25 3-5 weeks before your wedding day
25:58 1-2 weeks to go!
27:48 Less than a week to go! 4-5 days before your wedding day
28:01 Triple-check everything.
28:36 Prioritize rest!
28:53 The day before your wedding
29:23 The day of your wedding
30:00 Enjoy the day!
30:28 Thank you for listening and we hope this episode was helpful!
30:35 Check out our free resources!
32:24 Until next time…cheers!
33:17 Thanks for hanging out with us today…cheers!

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