10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Venue

Episode 02
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Show Notes

1:00 Let’s chat about our new setup and what we’re drinking today!
1:39 Why us being together is a rarity.
1:59 Filling you in on Here Comes The Guide! ***
2:45 Tip #1 - Start Your Search Early
3:25 Keep in mind if you’re planning in a pinch or have plenty of time.
4:16 Tip #2 - Location, Location, Location!
4:35 Here are some things to think about.
5:21 Wherever you decide to get married, communication is key.
5:43 Tip #3 - Enlist the Help of a Wedding Planner
6:20 One thing to look for if you don’t get a wedding planner.
6:56 Don’t forget: a coordinator is NOT a planner!
7:24 Tip #4 - Consider Your Guest Count
7:51 The Goldilocks Theory for a Wedding Venue
8:47 Tip #5 - Understanding the Big Picture Budget
9:21 Some separate fees you may run into.
10:12 Don’t forget, our first episode is all about budgetting 
10:29 Also, on HCTG, we have an extensive list of venues with deals and discounts!***
10:48 Tip #6 - Determining your Wedding Style!
10:57 Some questions to ask yourself.
11:53 It’s not just about how things look, but how they feel.
12:36 Tip #7 - Prioritize your must-haves!
13:26 Decide on those non-negotiable items before looking for a venue.
14:17 Tip #8 - Mind the Restrictions.
15:11 Moral of the story: every venue is different
15:33 Tip #9 - Weigh the Work Involved.
15:45 What is a blank slate venue?
16:50 Now let’s talk All-Inclusive packages and pricing.
18:07 Don’t forget to be realistic about the work involved in either choice.
18:37 Tip #10 - Trust Your Gut!
19:20 Caroline’s example of a venue tour that gave her warm fuzzy feelings.
20:07 At the end of the day, the venues staff will be part of your day. Something to think about!
20:26 Pro Tip - Make sure everything you’ve been promised is in your contract!!
21:46 Shameless plug to check out HCTG to pick out your wedding venue!***

We believe a lot of things in the wedding planning process are optional, but your wedding venue isn't one of those things

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