Let's Talk Wedding Trends

Episode 03
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Show Notes

:58 Let’s Talk about some of the wedding trends we LOVE!
1::40 The categories we chose for today.
2:07 What are we drinking today??
2:59 Trend #1 - Food! Chelsea’s fav
4:22 Maybe it doesn’t need to be practical, but it is so fun!
4:39 We provide a YouTube video format for our episodes and you can reference the photos we are talking about there! ***
4:55 Caroline’s fav food trend.
6:08 Trend #2 - Wedding Attire! Caroline’s fav
7:20 Chelsea’s favor attire trend.
8:34 Trend #3 - Florals! - Chelsea’s fav
9:47 Caroline’s fav floral trend.
12:40 Trend #4 - Decor! Caroline’s fav
13:49 Chelsea’s fav
14:39 an example from Caroline’s wedding
15:28 Trend #5 - Pets! Chelsea’s fav
16:50 Caroline’s fav pet trend.
18:13 Trend #6 - Bachelorette Parties! Caroline’s fav
21:32 Chelsea’s fav Bachelorette party trend
22:27 Trend #7 - Colors! Chelsea’s fav
23:35 Caroline’s fav color trend
24:56 Trend #8 - Types of Weddings! Caroline’s fav
26:40 Chelsea’s fav type of wedding.
28:15 Trend #9 - Photography/Videography! Chelsea’s fav
29:35 Caroline’s fav photography trend.
30:48 Trend #10 - Miscellaneous! Caroline’s fav
32:12 Chelsea’s fav wedding trend for seating charts!
35:46 Let us know if there’s anything we missed that you want to hear more about!
36:18 Find out all the ways to connect and reach out to us :) ***

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I don't know if much, when it comes to weddings, needs to be practical as long as it's fun

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