Wedding Trends We're Waving Goodbye To

Episode 23
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Show Notes

0:37 Welcome back to the podcast!
1:03 Disclaimer and episode intro
2:11 Our beverages of the day
3:42 Diving into the episode
3:45 Some talk on custom signage
6:57 Large wedding parties and our thoughts on the big shift to more intimate events
7:52 Caroline’s idea to be more inclusive while still keeping it small
10:00 We’re seeing less and less sweetheart tables
12:03 Our thoughts on meaningless favors
13:15 Some examples of favors we’re fans of 
14:49 Individual wedding party announcements…Chelsea’s personal nightmare
17:42 Saying farewell to farewell brunches!
18:40 Some alternative and more casual ideas for this
19:41 We’re seeing less minimalism and more maximalism
20:50 No more matching bridesmaid dresses
23:08 Check out episode 3 for more on trends!
24:08 Wrapping up the episode
24:20 Where you can find more from us
25:13 Until next time…cheers!

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