How to Create Your Wedding Timeline

Episode 24
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Show Notes

0:38 Welcome back! This week is all about the wedding timeline.
1:33 Having this piece is so helpful in making sure everything happens as it should
1:56 Here’s what to expect from the episode:
2:20 The classic beverage chat!
3:10 A special note about the Chocolate LMNT flavor…
4:11 Okay, let’s dive into Timeline tips
4:20 #1 - Timing is everything
5:30 #2 - Hire a Wedding Planner (or at least secure a coordinator!)
6:40 ^ (This investment is super important and could save you money)
7:00 #3 If you are doing a timeline on your own, use these resources!
7:15 A note for Weekend Weddings: you’ll have multiple timelines to navigate.
7:43 Now let’s get into the questions!
7:57 Pre-ceremony questions to ask yourself (Getting ready, transportation, food, etc)
10:29 Ceremony questions (indoor/outdoor, lighting, photos, greeting guests, etc)
12:45 A note for wrangling guests/bridal party…
13:37 Pencil this note into your timeline if you have things for your vendors!
14:25 Questions to ask yourself about traditions you may include in your timeline
16:13 You don’t have to do these traditions! 
16:42 A note for speeches…
17:32 Reception questions
18:58 After the party questions
19:42 Those are the bulk of the questions! So the timeline should start to take shape
20:30 Now, let’s walk through an example timeline!
21:00 Hair and makeup starts at 9am….
23:37 That’s the timeline wrapped up with a bow!
23:57 No matter what your timeline looks like, don’t forget to plan some breathing room.
24:30 Even our example timeline could use some more cushion time…
25:19 Building a timeline ensures that things move as smoothly as possible!
26:08 Have more things you want to know about timelines?? Let us know!
26:27 Here are all of the places you can find us

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“Timing is everything! Planning the day out will set you up for success.”

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