How to Plan Your Wedding in 90 Days or Less

Episode 26
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Show Notes

0:37 Welcome back to the pod! Today we are talking about an expedited wedding timeline
1:38 We have a full checklist for how to pull of a wedding in 90 days or less!
2:00 Beverages of the day!!
4:50 Let’s start with the to-do list for 10-12 weeks until the wedding.
5:10 *You have to be flexible and adaptable in this process*
5:50 First and foremost, make a budget!! (listen to our other episodes on this)
8:30 Here’s a tip when it comes to Save The Dates!
10:37 We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we love Anthrolopologie Weddings.
12:13 An important thing to think about is if you’ll have a wedding party…
13:15 Maybe consider hiring a planner!
14:14 Now for the 8-10 week to-do list.
15:30 You’ll need to nail down all of the vendors if you haven’t already!
16:35 Listen to our first episode for inspo on how to pick an organization method.
18:30 Also, will you be taking a Honeymoon right away?
18:58 Next up, the 6-8 week wedding to-do list
20:32 In case you didn’t know, we have a YouTube video option for the podcast!
21:03 There’s just 4-5 weeks left! Here’s what you need to do:
23:14 NewlyNamed is a great option for changing your legal name!
24:00 2-3 weeks left! Finalize these things:
25:11 ONE Week left! It’s getting really real.
25:57 Final days before the wedding (hint: over prepare + prep to hand things off)
26:35 Don’t forget the thank you notes and gifts for everyone who made it happen!
27:30 Assign these duties before the wedding as well!
28:27 After the wedding list of things to do:
29:43 That was a long to do list we just handed over, but use the printable version to help you navigate it all!
30:50 Let us know if you have any questions for us! Here’s how you can reach us:
See you in the next episode!

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