Wedding Wardrobe Breakdown

Episode 25
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Show Notes

0:37 Welcome back to the podcast for some Wedding Wardrobe talk!
0:48 This is something we’re seeing a ton of on social media
1:22 There are lots of events that you’ll need outfits for!
1:56 Beverage chat of the day!
 3:00 One thing to know, we won’t chat too deeply on the Wedding Dress, but we can get more nitty gritty on this in the future!
4:14 Step One: consider all of the events when planning your Wedding Wardrobe.
5:00 List of events you may want to think about starts here.
6:01 It may sound like a long list, but you can always rewear items!
6:23 Step Two: think about all of the items needed for each of those events
7:26 Here’s a list of items you can consider
8:06 Likely, a lot of your wardrobe budget will go to the dress BUT you could always highlight a different part of your outfit!
8:33 Step Three: do some research on brands to source clothing and accessories from!
9:01 It’s no secret that we are obsessed with Anthropologie weddings!
9:50 Pro Tip: Go to Anthropologie weddings during the black friday sales!
10:50 Another wedding line we love is Abercrombie!
12:06 A rental option we love is Nuuly!
13:26 But when it comes to rentals, it may be hard to part with the item
14:23 Here’s another money saving tip:
15:15 Bonus! ANOTHER Money saving tip! (we are really good at these)
7:23 and who knows what you’ll stumble upon at a thrift store…
18:05 Step Four: think about the other people involved in your wedding day
18:27 Thinking about your Bridal Party…
20:24 If you’re watching on the YouTube channel you’ll see Caroline’s cat throughout this episode 
21:07 Think about the Mother of the Bride/Groom, the fathers, grandparents, etc.
23:28 Step Five: Think about the Style that you want!
23:43 Here’s an example of what a Modern wedding styled outfit could look like.
25:05 It’s really great if you can translate your wedding style into the entire wedding wardrobe.
27:25 Example of a friend who incorporated her personal style into her getaway outfit!
27:58 A beautiful thing about the wedding wardrobe is that it reflects so much of you and your fiance. 
28:25 Thanks so much for listening to our wedding wardrobe episode! We LOVE love love fashion. 

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