Ask Us Anything! Your Wedding Questions Answered

Episode 29
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Show Notes

0:33 Welcome back! We’re answering your questions today.
1:04 Our beverages of the day
2:45 Our first question
2:50 How to estimate how many people won't attend
5:04 Are “B-Lists” appropriate?
8:17 Navigating splitting the guest list with each side of the family
12:21 Should I send thank you notes to my guests even if they didn't get us a gift?
15:36 What are the cost expectations when it comes to destination weddings?
17:18 Beautiful places in California for your destination wedding
19:36 Navigating honoring different belief systems at your wedding
22:34 The steps to secure a room block
26:48 The best ways to ask your friends to be part of your wedding p[arty…even when you think they might say no
31:17 Some rapid fire questions
31:40 Arranging wedding party events when travel is involved
32:57 Bridal party gifts that will actually be liked and used
35:16 Who should you invite to your bridal shower
37:40 Our thoughts on changing your last name
39:01 A great resource for changing your last name
41:50 Where you can find more from us
42:51 Until next time…cheers!

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