Wedding Dress Shopping 101

Episode 30
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Show Notes

0:32 Welcome back to the podcast! We’re talking all about dress shopping today
1:11 What we’re drinking today
2:44 An overview of the episode
3:20 How wedding dress salons stock designers
6:18 Chatting about Hayley Paige and her story
11:20 Going over how most wedding dresses are made to order and what that means for you
13:01 The bridal fashion vocabulary
14:30 Pro tip from Caroline on what to try on
15:35 Should you make a shopping appointment?
17:05 How far in advance you need to start dress shopping
18:01 Caroline’s tip on dealing with stylistas
19:38 Chelsea’s story about a negative dress shopping experience
22:23 How to dress for success for your shopping experience
25:20 Building yourself up before shopping
27:50 Why you should rely on the people you bring with you
31:29 Lastly, why trusting your gut is so important
34:16 Some helpful resources on Here Comes The Guide
34:36 Check out episode 25, The Wedding Wardrobe Breakdown
35:13 Where you can find more from us
35:55 Until next time…cheers!

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