Engagement Ring 101

Episode 10
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Show Notes

0:50 Welcome back to The Guide Gals!
1:06 No matter what you spend on the ring, this is going to be one of the biggest purchases of your life.
1:37 But first, what are we drinking today??
4:13 Now that we’ve chatted about making Brown Sugar Shaken Espressos… Let’s chat rings!
4:33 But what makes us experts on this?? (hint: we have an expert on the HCTG staff)
5:25 One thing about Here Comes The Guide that is SO cool…
6:09 Let’s start with the 4 C’s - Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.
6:35 Starting with the first C - Cut. Or how sparkly it is!
7:17 Now what about Color.
8:13 Want to see more of what we’re talking about? See our YouTube channel for visuals!
8:32 Pro Tip: Avoid this color range if getting a yellow gold band…
9:25 If you are listening to this episode before getting your ring, that’s GREAT!
9:40 Let’s talk about what Clarity means!
10:13 Pro Tip: As long as you can’t see those inclusions with the naked eye, you’re good to go.
10:45 The Last C: Carat (where size does matter)
11:33 Pro Tip: Stay just shy of the full carat to save some money.
12:35 You want to get a diamond that’s certified to guarantee the quality!
13:02 Next: let’s chat stone shapes.
13:40 Stone shapes can affect the clarity!
14:08 What about diamond simulants?
14:41 It’s a good consideration when thinking about your budget.
15:00 Another option that is really close is Moissanite!
16:02 There are even more diamond alternatives we can chat about!
16:30 fun fact about “something blue”
16:45 Keep in mind that some gems are too delicate to wear
** Caroline’s cat shows up lol**
17:15 Ring settings are equally important and can determine a lot about the final product
18:05 Making sure you setting makes sense in your every day life examples.
19:01 It’s okay if you have your heart set on something, just know you may have to be cautious!
19:46 Ring metals are also important to consider.
20:40 White gold needs to be replated every few years!!
21:35 Pro Tip: Take off your rings in these occasions!!
22:48 So… How do you choose the right ring style??
23:19 Here’s what Caroline did.
23:55 But… How do you figure out the ring size??
25:55 And… How do you afford an engagement ring??
27:46 An option to keep all parties happy!
29:47 Okay… do I buy a ring online or in a store??
32:14 Well… Should I insure the ring? (YES.)
32:54 How do you pull off the perfect proposal?? 
33:16 Check out all of the resources on Here Comes The Guide for more info!! 

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"Regardless of what you ultimately spend on an engagement ring, one thing's for certain – this is one of the biggest purchases of your life!"

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