Things You Might Forget to Budget For

Episode 09
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Show Notes

1:03 Today’s topic - Things you might forget to budget for!
1:28 We are just naming the top 10 things (but you can find the full article here!)
1:53 The daily beverage chat!
4:35 Let us know what you are drinking! We are super into that.
5:00 Hidden Cost #1 - Venue Fees
**big note for the whole episode: every venue is going to be different with how they do things**
5:39 Here is the common breakdown for how pricing can work.
7:00 Ask the venue for their broken down pricing guide!
7:58 Hidden Cost #2 - Venue Rentals (and the blank slate venue)
9:10 While you have more control over what you spend, you also will have more things to manage (and could be more expensive)
9:50 Caroline’s reception venue was a blank slate!
10:57 Chelsea’s example of a family’s blank slate spot.
11:56 Hidden Cost #3 - Taxes and Service Charges
12:45 This could be a shocking number for service charges…
13:17 and of course, taxes change state to state. So if you have a destination wedding elsewhere, check out those costs!
13:55 Hidden Cost #4 - Tips and Gratuities
14:20 Sometimes this is built into contracts
15:02 Vendors will remember you tipping them… and if you didn’t.
15:50 It truly is at YOUR discretion on how to go about tips.
16:24 Don’t forget about this part so you can set aside money for it.
17:07 Tipping your nail tech vs tipping the people who make your wedding happen!
17:55 Hidden Cost #5 - Outside Vendor and Catering fees
18:11 The preferred vendor list.
18:50 Example of something you could run into with your venue/vendors.
19:26 Read ALL of the details of your contract to get familiar with numbers!
19:42 Hidden Cost #6 - Contingency Plan Rentals and Permits
20:54 Some things you may need.
21:09 First and foremost, check with your venue and then build in a buffer for your contingency plans.
22:09 Hidden Cost #7 - Parking and Transportation
22:21 Some questions you can ask you venue about this:
22:43 Think about the implications of where you’re getting married and how that affects parking/transporation 
23:53 Hidden Cost #8 - Vendor Meals
24:25 Talk to your caterer about vendor meals!
25:03 Check in with your vendors about dietary restrictions and timeline for them.
25:42 Experience caterers will know how to navigate this!
26:20 Hidden Cost #9 - Travel Fees
26:42 Just like venues are different, vendors are also different in this way
27:05 Hidden Cost #10 - Overtime Charges
27:33 One of the best ways to prepare for this is to ask…
27:47 You can also plan an after party from the get-go!
28:12 Let us know if you want us to get into the details of the wedding day timeline!
28:30 Thanks for hanging out and chatting with us!!


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"one of the best ways to plan for hidden costs is to ask a lot of questions"

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