Things I Wish I Would Have Known While Wedding Planning

Episode 11
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Show Notes

0:58 Welcome back!
1:16 Notice our change of scenery??
1:31 Mackenzie’s introduction and background!
2:17 Why did they create Mack and Jack Events?
3:15 Beverage chat of the day!
4:20 Let’s get into the advice!
4:48 A quote that can change your perspective.
6:01 Some more advice from Cait! (especially for budget conscious couples!)
7:12 See if your venue has this kind of accommodation!
7:37 A couple pieces of advice from Sarah! (includes a game 🙂)
8:00 How to choose the focus of your wedding and how it impacts your decisions!
9:25 Alecia says to do whatever is best for you and your partner!
11:14 Jenny’s advice is super interesting as she was a wedding photographer.
12:36 Don’t be afraid to shop around when it comes to vendors.
12:58 Mackenzie’s experience booking her wedding photographer…
14:13 Trusting your gut at the end of the day is so important
14:24 Lauren’s recommendation is to think about marriage counseling!
15:11 Caro and Kenzie also did pre-engagement couseling and loved it.
16:54 Katelyn wants you to know that a wedding planner or coordinator is important to consider.
18:32 Family members sometimes get to role of coordinator but won’t be able to enjoy the day
19:36 Lisa reiterates the importance of photography!
20:35 Becca’s advice is to create a priority list separately, then talk about it together!
21:35 Personal touches Mackenzie added to their wedding day.
22:42 Shannon says to be firm in your boundaries!
23:01 Not-so-great experience Chelsea’s friend had.
24:41 The importance of setting boundaries with your guest list…
25:58 Guest list limitations can be tough to navigate (Caroline’s “B” List)
26:44 DO NOT ASK IF YOU ARE INVITED. Please and thanks!!
27:14 Lisa encourages listeners to get financial conversations with family done ASAP
28:15 Kelly says to choose your bridal party wisely! 
29:15 Kenzie and Caroline had mismatched bridal party numbers
30:29 Let’s chat about Bridal Party Contracts (our honest thoughts)
33:12 We are BIG fans of good communication.
33:38 Thanks to everyone who submitted advice for this episode!
33:53 Thanks to Kenzie for being on the episode! Find her @mackandjackevents on IG and FB!
34:24 Share your stories and advice with us on socials or our website!

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