Tips From an Always Bridesmaid

Episode 12
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Show Notes

0:36 Welcome back! Just Chelsea today to dive into some wedding tips.
0:55 Thank you, Emily, for submitting these great tips!
1:33 Emily is a sister to a HCTG staff member, Heather!
1:48 There are 9 tips for the 9 bridesmaid dresses she has in her closet.
1:56 Tip #1 - Give your phone to your Maid of Honor (or best man!) on your wedding day.
2:45 Tip #2 - Dear Sidekick of the day, you are the keeper of the bride/groom/couple!
3:44 Tip #3 - Bridal Party… It’s not about you.
4:10 No matter what, no complainers! Just help out if/when things go wrong and stay positive.
4:43 Tip #4 - Tip to a great wedding speech = props!
5:33 Tip #5 - If the DJ doesn’t take charge of the mic, take it upon yourself to figure it out!
6:17 Tip #6 - Pick bridesmaid dresses that you love! (don’t let others influence that decision)
7:25 Tip #7 - Get a dress that fits!!
7:52 there’s nothing worse than trying to endure the big day and feeling uncomfortable…
8:54 Tip #8 - Water, snacks, and a good wedding mix can make a huge difference!
9:26 this can help a ton while the group is getting ready!
9:34 Tip #9 - Never let the couple know that there are wedding day mishaps!
10:05 This is a great tip especially if you are a wedding party member.
11:20 Who else wants to know more about Emily’s wedding experiences?
11:38 Thanks for listening! Let us know if you want to hear more wedding tips.

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"there’s nothing worse than trying to endure the big day and feeling uncomfortable…"

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