Unique Elopements and Later Celebrations

Episode 13
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Show Notes

0:35 Welcome back! Just Caroline today for this special solo episode
0:50 Here’s why we are doing these solo episodes…
1:40 That means these solo episodes are audio only! (normally we post Videos with our episodes)
2:10 Let’s chat unique elopements, weddings in 2020, and later celebrations
2:33 Defining some of our terms today!
3:20 A big thing we will dive into is how to “re-do” weddings that happened in 2020
3:57 The Key Thing: Do what is best for YOU.
4:15 The question that started this conversation…
5:13 At the very least, spending time and energy on a wedding shoot is important!
5:52 While you don’t owe your family anything, the family aspect is hard to navigate
6:24 A later celebration doesn’t have to be as big as a traditional wedding reception!
7:02 Thinking about the people who couldn’t be at my wedding makes me want to have another celebration
7:21 Here’s Caroline’s potential wedding plan.
8:12 One thing that could be super special about this kind of celebration:
8:31 Regardless of what you decide, DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU!
8:53 Going through some more questions: What to do about vow renewal venues?
9:15 Pop-up weddings could be an option for this!
9:45 Are Destination weddings a good idea?
10:35 How do you handle invitations with these occasions?
11:07 Reception only packages?
11:40 I keep calling it Later Celebrations… But what should we call this kind of occasion?
12:43 How do you handle telling family and friends you aren’t doing a type of “redo”?
13:11 If they remember, or even ask, be honest and stay true to what’s best for you.
13:56 Let us know if you have any other questions or things you want to chat about!
14:13 If you want to do a full on redo wedding, DO IT.
14:34 Make sure to visit our website, socials, and share our podcast with a friend :) 

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"No matter what you ultimately decide to do with your later celebration, make sure you do what’s best for you!"

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