Wedding Horror Stories

Episode 14
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Show Notes

1:00 Welcome back to the pod! It’s been awhile since we’ve recorded, so we’re happy to be back!
1:33 Today’s topic: Wedding Horror Stories
1:46 Obviously we don’t want anything bad to happen, but we’ll prepare you to laugh if bad things happen!
2:27 One thing that makes me feel better… Beverages! *cue beverage chat*
3:58 To kick off the horror stories, Caroline tells the story of her **chaotic** engagement
8:25 Now, onto the submissions of horror stories from Here Comes The Guide staff
8:47 First up: Amy’s Ireland Elopement
9:46 Lesson learned: listen to the tides!
10:52 Sarah’s story (her ex is the horror… but the DJ kind of was too)
11:47 Lesson learned: find a good DJ who will listen to your requests!
12:43 SaraBeth’s scary wedding day discovery…
13:33 Lesson learned: don’t take random allergy meds (and maybe try your wedding food prior)
13:58 JessBrie’s wedding faces a myriad of difficulties
15:10 Thoughts on a backup groomsmen? Would you go to those lengths?
15:50 Cue a physical fight between family members.
16:44 The beauty of guests rallying together amidst chaos.
17:16 But it doesn’t end there, this part is the cherry on the cake!
18:24 Silver Lining: the family and friends who rallied together for the wedding <3
18:46 Lesson learned: get a groomsmen on security duty or something
19:05 Next up, Mary’s Father-Daughter dance
19:42 Lesson learned: practice beforehand pls!!
20:37 Lauren’s mishaps that found a cute connection
21:30 Sweet serendipity with the apartment manager!
23:00 Lesson learned: forget the ties or get ready to talk your way into the apartment
23:10 Dylane’s story of a crisis averted!
24:00 Lesson learned: sometimes you need a “Hakuna Matata” attitude
24:57 Having the attitude of “we will make it work” is super important for tackling wedding day obstacles. 
25:44 Keeping the perspective that what matters most is that you are getting married makes a huge difference!

Let us know if you have any horror stories to share with us!
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"Having the attitude of “we will make it work” is super important for tackling wedding day obstacles."

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