Episode 04
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Show Notes

:53 - Super fun topic today: Engagement!
1:24 - If you’re overwhelmed, we get it. We’re going to break it all down!
1:54 - What are we drinking today??
3:29 - You just got engaged! Here’s the first step.
4:29 - Having an idea of who you’d tell and how is important.
4:52 - What if you don’t want to tell people right away?
5:05 - Who did Caroline tell right away?
5:53 - Step #2 after you get engaged…
6:30 - Some of the things that Ring Insurance covers
7:22 - The horror of lost or stolen rings!
7:52 - Get your rings sized properly.
8:15 - Chelsea’s grandma’s poorly sized ring story.
9:05 - Parting with your new jewelry sucks, so try this to alleviate the pain of separation!
10:15 - Another thing we recommend post engagement: an engagement party!
11:11 Celebrating this big step before celebrating an even bigger step!
11:53 Now, you might want to start thinking about the big day.
12:40 How has Chelsea’s vision changed for her wedding since being a kid?
13:15 Consider what your personal style is if you’re having a hard time starting the wedding planning process!
13:57 - Check out our episode on how to choose a wedding venue!**
14:04 Check out HCTG to choose your ideal wedding venue**
14:40 Get Organized! (We’re passionate about this step…)
15:13 Our biggest recommendation as you get organized
15:39 HCTG has FREE wedding printables as part of this process.**
16:47 Now that you’re organized, you’ll need to do this.
17:14 How to set yourself up for success in this part of the process!
18:12 We have done an episode on budgeting, so check that out! **
18:32 Don’t forget you are a team.
18:50 Our next step for you: gathering inspiration for your wedding!
19:45 Pinterest and Weddings are like PB & J.
20:16 Another shameless plug from Caroline (lol)
21:04 Pinterest is one of our FAV places!
21:53 The last recommendation we want to leave you with.
23:04 Live in the moment and enjoy it.
23:15 If you are super Type A/organized, take this from us…

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Once you get this out of the way, things can get easier, some
 plans might fall into place removing all of the guesswork

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