Episode 05
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Show Notes

1:05 Today’s Topic: The Weekend Wedding
1:37 Some of the things that can be included in a weekend wedding
2:13 We have expert advice from Lisa Shields!
2:30 Beverage Chat of the day
3:48 The first thing to think about when Weekend Wedding planning
4:22 This is a huge bonus for a weekend wedding venue…
4:50 Keep in mind what’s accessible for guests!
5:14 If your guests aren’t staying at the venue location, consider this!
5:50 A wedding weekend venue to give you some context.
6:30 Your weekend week
6:40 Lisa’s Advice #1: Guest’s won’t expect you to pay for lodging, but…
7:20 Money can be tricky, so be as clear as possible.
7:34 How to figure out your wedding weekend budget
8:40 Weekend weddings don’t have to be super expensive.
9:14 It’s really important to communicate potential costs for guests.
9:53 Providing options at different price points can be super helpful
10:10 Lisa’s Advice: Part Two!
10:39 Pro Tip: reuse decor!
11:09 Remember, your time is PRECIOUS
11:25 Consider hiring a wedding planner…
12:34 Not everyone realizes this.
12:49 Something Lisa did for her daughter’s wedding regarding planners + coordinators.
13:47 Just know, coordinators + planners are NOT the same thing.
14:18 Next, you have to come up with your itinerary!
15:05 Make this SUPER clear to your guests.
15:34 Lisa’s Advice: Part Three!
16:33 Now to get detailed on your wedding website. (what do your guests need to know?)
17:24 This is also a great idea for your site!
17:50 Lisa’s Advice: Part Four! (organizational tip)
18:53 One app that we recommend for organizing your RSVPs and events.
19:39 Don’t forget to send those Save The Dates EARLY.
21:03 Lisa’s Expert Tip on Save The Dates.
22:18 Use the website URL to your advantage
22:37 Next, you can consider welcome bags!
23:46 Last thing to think about: how do you document the weekend??
25:16 Promoting a wedding hashtag (and what this entails)
26:40 You can also use a wedding photo app!
27:09 Disposable or polaroid cameras are great options too.
27:42 Ask your venue about photo recommendations or rentals.
27:54 Lisa’s advice/thoughts on photography over the weekend.
29:58 Someone can make a side hustle out of this!!
30:53 Check out Here Comes The Guide to start checking out some weekend wedding venues!
31:43 Thanks for hanging out with us today!

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"The sweetest part of a wedding weekend is all of the more organic time to really connect with your favorite people. And allow them to connect with each other!"

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