Episode 06
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Show Notes

0:53 Let’s chat about planning a wedding while working a full-time job!
1:40 Our hope today is to bring you some helpful tips 🙂
1:50 Beverage chat of the day!
3:11 Life Lessons with Caroline - Check out the Instagram Reel for the full story!
3:35 Jumping into the heart of the convo.
3:52 Tip #1 - Get Super Organized
4:30 Some ideas of ways to stay organized.
4:47 Don’t forget to delegate!
5:15 Shameless plug for the Here Comes The Guide FREE wedding planning printables.
6:15 Tip #2 - Prioritize! Focus on the things you care about.
6:36 Example of how to prioritize when it comes to decor or desserts.
7:05 IYKYK: The Pittsburgh Cookie Table Explanation
9:17 Tip #3 - Venue hunt from home.
10:44 Shameless plug number two… search for your venue on HCTG!
11:56 Tip #4 - Embrace All-Inclusive!
12:30 Some things All-Inclusive can include.
13:14 When a venue is all-inclusive, they have tons of experience and expertise which will provide you with ease of mind.
13:47 Tip #5 - Hire a planner… I know, we said this is for the DIY couple but hear us out!
14:19 Their job is to take work off of your plate and save your sanity.
14:53 Planners also come with experience and expertise which will provide you with ease of mind.
15:30 Tip #6 - Use your PTO wisely!
16:15 Communication is super important in this part of the process
16:50 Caroline’s other cat makes an appearance. So we talk about our collective zoos!
17:13 Tip #7 - Limit the DIY projects… 
18:05 Be realistic. That’s key!
18:32 Caroline is a sucker for DIY projects and hobbies. But they take a lot of money and time.
19:05 The one DIY project Caroline tried to do…
20:27 Tip #8 - Practice self care.
21:39 We’ve heard of people doing monthly facials or things. (Chelsea’s choice)
22:11 What Caroline did for self care leading up to her wedding.
23:37 These tips don’t have to just apply to wedding planning, but also to every day life!
24:40 As always, we think this was a great episode… So we’ll wrap it up here!

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"It really is crucial that your overall health and well-being remains in tact as you're wedding planning"

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