Episode 07
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Show Notes

0:58 Let’s get into some alternative wedding ideas!
1:20 Get ready for some ideas that break tradition.
1:30 Beverages of the day chat!!
2:40 Fun Fact: We all have the same Stanley cup.
2:53 Chelsea’s chaotic story about her Stanley…
4:12 Shoutout to Stanley, please sponsor us!!
5:30 Idea #1 - Find an unconventional venue.
6:11 Caroline and Luke’s unconventional wedding venue.
7:21 If you and your fiance are big sports fans, a stadium or park could be super cool!
7:52 Chelsea’s fav micro wedding venue she’s seen.
8:09 Idea #2 - Throw a surprise wedding!!
9:23 This could be a good way to avoid potential drama…
10:33 This idea would be for the spontaneous couple.
11:13 Idea #3 - Make it a weekend wedding!!
11:20 A few episodes ago we did a whole episode on this :)
12:12 Idea #4 - Host a wedding brunch.
12:24 Caroline and Luke had planned an extensive breakfast for dinner spread.
13:29 Even their backups plans contained breakfast plans.
14:26 Idea #5 - Elope!
15:22 We want to stress that whatever you define Elopement as is GREAT.
16:00 The benefits of elopements are…
17:48 Idea #6 - Wear what you want!!
18:07 Here are some examples.
18:22 Have you thought about a wedding wardrobe?
19:04 Your outfits can showcase your personality!
19:38 We love the idea of wedding parties wearing something different or getting specific with the guest’s attire.
20:26 Idea #7 - A new take on cake or wedding snacks! (aka the Pittsburgh Cookie Table!)
21:38 Making sure your guests are fed is super important.
22:37 Not to scare you, but this wedding went down as the worst wedding we’ve been to…
23:42 Idea #8 - Rethink the traditional children’s roles.
24:08 Examples to consider!
25:53 Also, there can be downsides to these traditional children’s roles.
26:25 Caroline was dramatic in her flowergirl role!
27:50 Idea #9 - Switch up the guestbook!
28:27 Some examples of new takes on the guestbook.
29:56 The phone is one of our favorite takes on this alternative idea.
30:17 Idea #10 - Take a later-moon.
31:30 Take a honeymoon when you have ample time to plan and save for it.
32:02 We paired our Later-moon with a mini-moon… and what that means.
33:13 Idea #11 - Forgo the wedding party entirely!
34:20 We love any idea that has to do with pets.
34:46 Idea #12 - Throw YOUR kind of party!
35:40 Don’t be afraid to ditch the norm.
36:40 Thanks for hanging out with us while we chat through these ideas!!

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