HOW TO Brand Your Wedding

Episode 08
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Show Notes

1:01 We love this subject and can’t wait to dive into this episode.
1:27 To be clear, here’s what branding your wedding means.
1:54 Beverage chat of the day!
2:18 want to know why we go over our beverages every episode?
3:05 Olipop, please sponsor us.
3:56 Branding is really Chelsea’s thing and is bringing so much expertise.
4:23 If you’ve never thought about branding your wedding, you might want to hear the benefits.
4:49 Here are the four benefits to branding your wedding!
6:30 Branding can sound extra, but it actually helps simplify your planning process!
6:57 Here’s how you’ll start the wedding branding process.
7:36 Some example questions you can ask yourself!
8:54 These are some keywords you could end up choosing.
9:37 Keywords can be the emotions you want for your wedding.
10:40 The next step to take after identifying your keywords is to…
11:45 Don’t just pin wedding specific things, pin things that get your creative juices flowing.
12:26 Chelsea’s example of things she loves and how they inspire her!
13:22 Be careful not to carried away with pinning, so follow these tips!
14:22 Here’s Chelsea’s recommendation of how many photos to pin
15:13 Don’t be afraid to finetune what you’ve pinned!
15:49 Now you have to create a moodboard! Here’s what that should entail:
17:07 Our recommendation for how many photos are needed on the moodboard.
17:40 Quick examples in case this is confusing! (Caroline says matchy-matchy a thousand times)
18:10 Caroline has started making moodboards for every month!
19:39 Moodboards can be used as a guide for your wedding.
20:20 Don’t expect things to turn out exactly the way the pins do.
21:08 What to do after you have a mood board in the wedding branding process?
22:02 Solidfy things done to the HEX code if you can!
22:23 What are these color codes?
23:30 You can also choose specific fonts you want to use in all of your stationery and signage!
23:56 Here are some resources you can use to find fonts
24:35 Now to consider if you want a wedding logo, motif, or monogram!
25:15 An example of a neat logo you could use…
25:41 If you want a crest or gift, we recommend @simplyjessicamarie!
26:33 Caroline’s parents have these monogrammed crystal glassware
27:25 These crests, logos, and motifs could end up in your life for years to come!
27:40 Now you need to weave these branded elements into your wedding.
28:06 Here are some ideas of where to weave these elements in.
28:47 Branding your wedding doesn’t mean everything is custom designed.
29:45 All of these are meant to help guide you and make design decisions simpler.
30:20 Chelsea’s dog sneezes and it’s super cute
31:07 We LOVE branding. There we said it!!
31:30 This is a super special episode for us…. *cue teary eyes*
32:30 Thanks as always for hanging out with us!!

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“Branding your wedding makes things more focused and streamlined, which inherently makes the planning process less stressful”

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